& healthcare
Telemedicine and online consultation, 3D scanning and modeling of patients, surgery streaming for experience sharing, medical research and more.
Solution for healthcare
  • Telemedicine
  • Video conferences
  • Operations streaming
  • Training, qualification development
  • Scientific research
  • Monitoring, situational centers
  • Remote interaction
  • Global telemedicine network
  • Private and public clinics
  • Health departments
  • Research institutions
  • Higher education institutions
  • Training centers
  • Industrial companies
Medical education
Informatization of anatomy
Scanned and developed 3D models
Operation plan report
Live broadcasts from surgical scopes
360° stream from the operating room
Qualification improvement
Transfer of experience
Results demonstration
with VR
Group lessons
Medical foundations, clinics
Medical studies
Improving the quality of audiovisual perception of the material
Convenience of reporting and teaching
Improving the efficiency of information assimilation
3D models and VR
Online broadcasts
Group interactive seminars
Research and training facilities
Online lectures and conferences
State departments
Ministry of healthcare
Healthcare departments
Situation centers
Operational collective interaction
Multi-channel broadcasts
Video conferencing
Projects supervision
Planning, organization and implementation control
Analytical scoreboards and dashboards
Video conferencing and monitoring
Operational collective interaction
Interactive stand for reports
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