& security
Surveillance, streams from drones, GPS monitoring, geoinformations and maps. Multichannel audio and video communications for command posts, headquarters and situational centers.
Solution for security services

  • Most advanced solution for project visualization
  • Digital interactive mobile stand-videowall
  • Architecture, 3D-models, geoinformation
  • 360°view and VR technology
  • Video communications and monitoring

  • Showrooms
  • Headquarters, offices
  • Conferences, exhibitions
  • Corporate outdoor events

  • Immersive project demonstration
  • Increase in sales
  • Increasing the recognition of presented trade marks

Remote coordination
Terrain processing
Satellite images online
Detection of enemy equipment
Interaction between units
Formation of routes for maneuvering

Work in the headquarters
Tactical Operations Center
Drawing the situation on the maps
Management of forces and means
UAV flotilla dispatching
GPS monitoring of equipment and personnel
Video surveillance of the territory and distant borders
Operational video conferencing
Work in the command posts
Instructional and methodical classes
Demonstration of the training plan
UAV's dispatching
Interactive teamwork
Sharing the situation on the maps
Video conferencing with other command centers
Work in the field
Anti-terrorist exercises (Airborne Forces, Zhytomyr)
Connecting several UAVs simultaneously
Map with the applied situation
Demonstration videos of advanced models and special technics
Real-time positioning system of forces and means
Maximum informatization for effective decision-making
Work in government departments
The State Emergency Service of Ukraine
Сivil Defense Service
National Police of Ukraine
Security Service of Ukraine
National Guard of Ukraine
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Civil protection
Emergency headquarters
Map of emergency locations
Video surveillance from drones and thermal imagers
Operational management of forces and means
Conducting exercises and presetnation of reports

of public events
Monitoring security of fan zones
Multi-channel round-the-clock video control
Coordination between services
Prompt response
Working with city maps
Interactive video-stand
Monitoring of engineering infrastructure
Service dispatching
Emergency control
Presentation of projects
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